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Dancing Darlings is a performance labyrinth with many different rooms created by Ellen Vanderstraeten and Elise Gyshelen with the mentorship of Bart Cappelle, Ruud Gielens and Geert Opsomer.



A performative journey that reflects on the relationship between the self and the other, the interior and exterior.

 Dancing Darlings talks about the desire to be loved.  The desire to structure a self. 

Stage and audience intertwine when spectator and performer get lost in a voyeuristic game of watching and being watched. 


During four days different bodies were invited to go,

alone and for one hour, on a journey with three performers within a sensorial multimedia labyrinth. 

 The visitor follows and constructs a relation with the performers that tell their stories trough moving images that unravel a complex matrix of fictions and truths,

characters that resist singular identification to stay within the mania of exception,

 through touch with objects & other bodies creating together a ritual about what it means to be a live. ​

18/06/17  - 21/06/17 Performance and installation, Nijverheidkaai Brussels (BE)

Dancing Darlings - Performers: ​Ellen Vanderstraeten, Elise Gyshelen, Sanne Weber // Supported by Royal Intstitute for Theater, Cinema and Sound // Special Thanks Ruud Gielens, Myrthe van der Mark, Silke Reyntjens, Emre Ku, Nora Vanderstraeten, Yann Leguay, Christopher Rupprecht 

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