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Within the framework of the participatory arts festival ENTER BXL 2018, Ell Company built the UNI Beauty Salon. 

WHITE collage photoshop.jpg

UNI Beautysalon is a project that is established in collaboration with children and children organizations located in the area Bockstael, Brussels. The proposition was to reflect as a collective head on the meaning of beauty in our society. 

During the residency period various propositions were held in the saloon to build on its visual character. To construct a space were bodies can move as they really desire, evoking sensations that resonate deeply into the interior body by external proposed textures. At the end of the residency, a four days festival was held where we celebrated in the form of an ongoing performance and sensory installation, including one-to-one performances as well as collective actions. 

11 /04/18 Workshop ‘Drawing what is inside’  - Tonuso

15/04/18 Workshop ‘Shaping the energy’ - GC Nekkersdal

18/04/18 Workshop ‘Body Collage’ - IBO Laken

26/04/18- 29/04/18 Performances and ongoing installation, ENTER BXL​

Dancing Darlings - Performers: Ellen Vanderstraeten, Elise Gyshelen, Florencia Orlandino // Supported by Flanders State of the Art, Demos vzw, GC Nekkersdal, Enter BXL 2018 // Special Thanks: Ilse Schoonackers, Steffie De Cuyper, Tarek Lamrabti, Bie Vancraeynest, Dorien Herreman ​​

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