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Within the framework of the participatory arts festival ENTER BXL 2018, Ell Company built the UNI Beauty Salon. 

WHITE collage photoshop.jpg

UNI Beautysalon is a project that is established in collaboration with children and children organizations located in the area Bockstael, Brussels. The proposition of the beautysalon is to reflect as a collective head on the meaning of beauty in our society. 

During the residency period various propositions were held in the saloon to build on its visual character. To construct a space were bodies can move as they really desire, evoking sensations that resonate deeply into the interior body by external proposed textures. At the end of the residency, a four days festival was held where we celebrated in the form of an ongoing performance and sensory installation, including one-to-one performances as well as collective actions. 

11th of April '18, Workshop ‘Drawing what is inside’ with Tonuso, Brussels (BE)

15th of April '18, Workshop ‘Shaping the energy’ with GC Nekkersdal, Brussels (BE)

18th of April '18, Workshop ‘Body Collage’ with IBO Laken, Brussels (BE)

26th - 29th of April '18, Performances and ongoing installation, ENTER BXL​, Brussels (BE)

Dancing Darlings Ellen Vanderstraeten, Elise Gyshelen & Florencia Orlandino


Supported by Flanders State of the Art, Demos vzw, GC Nekkersdal & Enter BXL 2018


Special Thanks to Ilse Schoonackers, Steffie De Cuyper, Tarek Lamrabti, Bie Vancraeynest & Dorien Herreman ​​

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