Spa for Spirits is an artistic and experimental wellness center operated by otherworldly creatures.


In the Spa visitors can land in landscapes where they recharge their bodies to rituals that arise in the interaction between performer and visitor. These landscapes and rituals make space for the development of new sensory experiences.

In this digitized world where people are increasingly alienated from their physicality, we want to focus with this project on a specific sensory and analog experience. We offer a moment of opening in which visitors are given the chance to break with a normative world that constantly imposes how we should behave. 

12 - 15 May '21, De Vooruit, Ghent (BE)

10 Jul '21, Celestial Bodies at CEA, Moita (PT)

4 - 6 Aug '21, De Vooruit, Ghent (BE) 

18 Aug '21, Okan Zomerschool, Ghent (BE)

23 - 29 Aug '21, GAG, Brussels (BE)

18 - 31 Oct '21, BUDA, Kortrijk (BE)

25 Dec - 2 Jan '22, School van Gaasbeek, Brussels (BE)

11 - 15 Mar '22, AGxKANSAI 2022, Kyoto University of the Arts, Kyoto (JP)

28 Mar - 9 April '22, De Grote Post, Ostend (BE)

May - Oct '22, Broei, Ghent (BE)

8 - 11 Sep '22, Brussels Gallery Weekend, Brussels (BE)

1 - 2 Oct '22, Murf/Murw, Tilburg (NL)

12 Sep - 15 oct '22, Pleasure Island, Ostend (BE)

9 Dec, CAMPO, Ghent (BE)

Jan '23, De Koer, Ghent (BE)

'23, Radical House, Brussels (BE)

Concept: Leonie Buysse, Ellen Vanderstraeten // Continuous collaborations with experts: Henny Baeken (body-oriented therapy), Renske Maria Van Dam (architecture), Francesco Apostoli (architecture). Continuous collaborations with other artists: Nora Vanderstraeten (graphic design), members of HOUSE OF LUX Theo Bonne and Daan Dekeyser (performers, make-up and look),  Oscar Pichard (Sound), Mats Vandroogenbroeck (Dramaturg), Anton Cla (Animation artist). ​​​